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"The training I obtained by NCFI has really paid off for my agency. Your staff, instructors, and facilities were the nicest I’d ever seen and all of you were very accommodating. If I’m ever given the chance to return, I most certainly will pursue it. It was the best training I’ve ever been given in 18 YEARS of Law Enforcement."
Detective Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Florida

"Prior to this training my department would have to wait 1-2 years to get a computer examined. Now that I have been trained and equipped we have just a few weeks turn around. Thank you again for this and future training. It has been a blessing to the local and rural law enforcement."
Detective Bowling Green Police Department, Kentucky

"I attended the computer forensic course for trial and appellate court judges. The curriculum was beneficial as it provided information on the operational aspects of computers. Understanding how information is stored in and retrieved from a computer is critical to making sound judicial decisions particularly in the issuance of search warrants and in ruling on discovery issues. Continued training for the judiciary is critical as we experience rapid advancements in computer technology and the proliferation of sophisticated computer crimes."
Associate Justice Alabama Supreme Court

"In the BICEP course I learned more in one week than I had in the previous two years of trying to learn on my own. The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and easy to learn from. I thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by the hands on exercise where we took a computer apart and successfully put it back together. The section dealing with computer forensics was extremely informative and taught me volumes about exactly what takes place during an exam."
Detective Los Angeles Police Department, California

"I attended the BCERT program. In my 13 years as a police officer, the NCFI training was the best and most helpful. I use the training and knowledge every day to some extent on every case I work, even if it is not a computer facilitated crime. Every crime committed has some connection to digital media, cell phones, computers, internet, mobile devices, etc."
Detective Conway Police Department, Arkansas

"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the prosecutor's training course. I was provided with excellent resources and training methods which will better enable me to serve the law enforcement community in my jurisdiction as an assistant district attorney. The faculty provided a practical understanding of what challenges face prosecutors in a time when electronic and digital technology are increasingly used in the commission of crime."
Assistant District Attorney Office of the District Attorney, Rankin, Madison Counties, Mississippi

"The Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and State of Alabama has done a spectacular job of creating the school in Hoover. It was obvious that very qualified people did their homework to put this school together. The NCFI is an invaluable asset to law enforcement across the country."
Officer Lewiston Police Department, Maine

"I wish to express my deep appreciation for the opportunity and privilege in attending the National Computer Forensics Institute. It was the most excellent and comprehensive digital forensics training that I have ever attended! The NCFI staff, facility, and instruction represents the epitome of forensic training available to law enforcement in the United States. I am still overwhelmed with the professionalism, depth and comprehensiveness of the training."
Detective Aurora Police Department, Colorado

"I have never attended a better-run or more informative course. We learned how to disassemble and reassemble the major components of a computer; how to search a hard drive for evidence of illicit material; how experts prepare forensic reports; and how to apply the most current search-and -seizure law to computers and related forms of technology. I am confident that, because of this intensive course, I will more fully understand expert testimony regarding computer searches when it is presented to me in court in child pornography, cyber stalking, identity theft, and other cases involving the use of a computer."
Circuit Judge Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida

"I have been chosen twice to attend this Institute for computer forensics and mobile device training. We are at a time in our country when technology is advancing at a great pace and unfortunately that means criminals have the ability to harm members of society in ever increasing ways. This is an area that is difficult for local law enforcement to keep up with the needs to successfully investigate and prosecute these individuals. The NCFI provides local law enforcement with the ability and resources to actively investigate and prosecute these individuals. The staff is very professional and well versed in the ever changing challenges we face. The training provided is necessary for us to ensure the safety of our constituents."
State's Attorney Morgan County, Illinois

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