The NCFI is suspending operations for 30 days to limit the exposure of our workforce and our partners to the COVID-19 virus and help ensure operational capability for law enforcement activities. We will reassess the pandemic virus situation on March 30, 2020, as a guide to what exact week we may re-open the NCFI. Please contact your USSS Field Office sponsor with any questions.

Today's high-tech environment presents new challenges to law enforcement and the justice system as cyber criminals exploit computers, mobile devices and the Internet to threaten our banking, financial and critical infrastructures. Digital technology is used to commit any and every type of crime. Therefore, it is imperative to address the changes in technology by providing training on cyber-investigative techniques and by sharing current expertise.

The National Computer Forensics Institute's (NCFI) innovative facility and strategic partnership serve to substantially enhance law enforcement efforts to suppress the continually evolving and increasing number of electronic crime cases affecting communities nationwide, as well as improve and strengthen the prosecution and adjudication of those cases.

NCFI training courses are offered to state and local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges through funding from the federal government. Travel, lodging, equipment (in some classes), and course fees are provided at no costs to attendees or their agencies.

All nominations must be submitted through your local U.S. Secret Service office. Find your local office here.

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Upcoming Courses

Digital Evidence for Prosecutors 04/12/2020
Digital Evidence Investigations 04/20/2020
Network Intrusion Response Program 04/20/2020
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NCFI operations suspended
October 2019 through January 2020 Nominations are open
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